Pro XL Ultraseal PU Sealant 310ml

This product is currently out of stock but is a stocked item and due back in shortly. Please call us for availability and alternatives may be available.


Pro XL Ultraseal PU is a high quality 1 component product used in motor vehicle repair, an ideal body sealer as well as many other applications. An easily applied product that is quick to extrude and tool up. The Polyurethane Sealant has a fast paint over time and due to a unique formula does not bubble on cure unlike other PU Sealers.

•High quality polyurethane sealant and adhesive. Ideal for sealing & bonding
•Easy Polyurethane sealant to extrude and tool up
•Suitable for internal and external sealing
•UV resistant Polyurethane sealant
•Better consistency / not too runny unlike other 1k Polyurethane sealants
•Does not bubble on cure like other PU sealants
•Fast over paint time
•Available in Black, White or Grey

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