Mixed Colours and Aerosols 

At KRS we sell a vast range of Mixed Colour for use through a spray gun or in a custom filled aerosol. Our paint is custom mixed using professional paint mixing systems from Nexa Autocolour (ICI), Max Meyer and Selemix and using our state-of-the-art colour matching equipment. We mix paint for all makes of vehicles, all we need is the make, model, year and colour code. Don't worry if you don't know your colour code, we can generally mix the colour off your registration. A colour matching service is also available for samples that have no codes. These will take a minimum of 48 hours and is charged at £5.00 per litre extra than our standard rate. Our minimum paint mix for a spray gun is ¼ litre (250ml) and our custom filled aerosol spray paints come in one size (400ml) and are perfect for any job big or small and are suitable for a wide range of surfaces including metal, plastic and wood. 
If you require mixed paint, custom aerosols or a colour match please contact us by email or phone 01233 510710 so we can provide best possible service that meets your needs.  
Please note older or custom painted vehicles can generally be matched by using a sample sent to us. It should be noted that colour matching is always subject to the condition of the existing colour. 
If you need any technical help with this item, please call one of our trained advisors on 01233 510710 
We are here to help Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm 
Paint Finishes Explained 
Basecoat Metallic - A Metallic Colour requires a Clear Lacquer on top to protect and provide the shine 
Basecoat (Non-Metallic) - A straight solid colour mixed in Basecoat requires a Clear Lacquer on top to protect and provide the shine. 
Direct gloss  - A straight solid colour mixed in 2k will not need to be lacquered unless you are unhappy with the shine which can be caused by many factors i.e. damp weather it can bloom or if it is too hot the shine level will be reduced. If this is the case a clear lacquer can be applied. 
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