3M Cubitron II File Belt 786F 20mm X 520mm

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3M Cubitron II File Belt is a premium abrasive file belt for spot weld removal and other grinding / sanding applications. This file belt can be used with various types of file belt sanding machines available in the market.

For high durability and long-lasting performance use 3M Cubitron II File Belt. Our premium abrasive belt produces a very high cut rate for removing spot welds, and other grinding and sanding applications. Our Cubitron II File Belt can be fitted on to various types of file belt machines available on the market. It maximises productivity and delivers an efficient process in the workshop.

p36 3M 33449
p60 3M 33451
p80 3M 33452

3M 33449 / 3M 33451 / 3M 33452

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