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Mirka Galaxy Discs 77mm

77mm / 3 inch
Pack Size:

Mirka Galaxy is our new high technology abrasive. It combines effectiveness with a long life, thanks to a new kind of self-sharpening ceramic grain and a clog-resistant coating. Mirka Galaxy is suitable for various applications from automotive collision repair to marine production as well as the wood sector. Box of 50 Discs.

FY6JT05040 p40
FY6JT05080 p80
FY6JT05012 p120
FY6JT05018 p180
FY6JT05025 p240
FY6JT05032 p320
FY6JT05041 p400
FY6JT05051 p500
FY6JT05061 p600
FY6JT05081 p800
FY6JT05092 p1000
FY6JT05093 p1200
FY6JT05094 p1500
FY6JT05095 p2000

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