Evercoat 440 Express Pinhole Eliminator 473ml

Code: EVE104440

440 EXPRESS is a patented 1k pre-prime surfacer produced with a highly effective premium resin and the latest in microsphere technology.
In just 30 seconds you can improve your process with the significant reduction of micro-porosity in the repair which is the root cause of many paint problems.

Apply 440 EXPRESS pre-primer surfacer in a thin application over the repair area as your very last step before the application of the foundation coating. The 1k premium resin acts like a protective layer isolating the repair area before painting. Difficult to see micro-pores and surface sand scratches are completely filled and the surface layer sealed. After application, no sanding or cleaning is necessary before painting. The sealing and isolating of the repair area significantly improves the effectiveness of the primer - saving at least one coat. This also reduces the instances of mapping and solvent entrapment. This simple step in the process eliminates 90% of the causes of re-work and guarantees a optimized, consistent, high standard of repair. 440 EXPRESS is also ideal for the reparation of plastic parts such as bumpers prior to priming.

1 x 473ml Bottle Evercoat 440 Express Micro Pinhole Eliminator


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